2017 marks the ninth session of the APT National Distributors Forum,

For nine years, we have been committed to our origin while daring to innovate!

The aim of the APT Forum lies in:

To strengthen the understanding and interaction between APT and distributors,

To listen to distributors for continual innovative improvement and a better future!

Three men made a “show” this time,

The three hosts of the forum this year has made a good show together!

What a harmonious distributors’ delegation

Taking group photo before the official opening of the Forum

What a big harmonious family here at APT!

Voice opinions without hesitation

Put on your smile if you agree to the above descriptions; hit that YES button and show your support! Otherwise, your opinions will be greatly appreciated.


People see things differently from different angles.

Let’s sit and talk, and put yourself in others’ shoes.


The Forum is to present a platform for exchange of ideas. We are here to listen; and we are here to improve.


We are here to embrace your inputs. With an attitude of striving for better, we are willing to improve!


A distributor attended the Forum, bringing along his child to show his gratitude for support received during their difficult time – a manifestation of the spirit of sharing and gratitude.

Mr. Gao’s speech at the end of the meeting:

The ninth session of APT Distributors’ Forum has just successfully concluded. We have accomplished a great deal from it. Thank you very much!

Some of the attendees have already left. The message I delivered could be posted here since the Chat room of the Forum has been closed.

The key word for the Forum was “improvement”. You speak and we listen – because we are willing to improve.

Siemens is improving, so is APT; but how about you? Improvement should take place from within, just like immunity and resistance come from within, not in vitro. The manufacturers are protecting the distributors, which shall not be taken for granted as if a mother is protecting her children. Manufacturers patiently listen because they intend to improve. Yet it does not work the same way in the market. There is no way out for the distributors if they are over protected, failing to embrace the competition, lacking improvement. “Fault-free shall be interpreted as everything is fine; or guarantee of winning in the future” – a lesson learned. “Adversity is the mother of survivorship” No challenge, no perseverance. Let’s march forwards.