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What Are Pushbuttons Switches?

A Push Button Switch is a quick and easy switching mechanism that controls several elements of a system or operation. Push button switches are normally constructed of heavy metal material, or often plastic. Typically the switch's surface is flat or molded to be able to fit the operator's fingers or hands and can be quickly pressed and pushed. The push button switches utilize the revolutionary coating technology to make them waterproof, oilproof, anti-static, not easy to damage, and occur chemical reaction.

Siemens APT Pushbutton Series

Siemens APT has a wide selection of Pushbutton Switch Series: LA39 (A, B, C, E, F, G, J), PB1 in different shapes, with the features of high protection level, and able to comply with major international standards. The LA39 series push button switch has 12mm, 16mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm multiple installation dimensions. The head shape can be divided into three types: round, square, and rectangular, which greatly meets the needs of users. Compact structure, easy installation, reliable silver nickel contact, and stable performance. With contact self-cleaning function, reliable contact. 

Siemens APT Pushbutton Features

With novel structure, beautiful appearance, and complete varieties, the Siemens APT pushbuttons switches can provide the best solutions and control components with high quality, superior efficiency, and high reliability for customers in metallurgy, medical devices, chemical industry industrial automation, machinery, electric power, logistics, communication, and other industries. Our pushbutton switch devices are excellent engineering works, ranging from small internal components to solid enclosures. Reliable, flexible, global supply, just like the consistent quality of Siemens APT product lines. Reliable quality and rich experience in every detail of the product.