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What Is Buzzer?

A buzzer or beeper is a kind of integrated electronic buzzer, which is powered by DC voltage. It is widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers, and other electronic products. The buzzer is mainly divided into two types: piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer. The buzzer is indicated by the letter "H" or "ha" in the circuit (the old standard uses "FM", "ZZG", "LB", "JD", etc.)

How Does Buzzer Work?

The sounding principle of the electronic buzzers is composed of a vibration device and a harmonic vibration device, and the piezo buzzer is divided into passive other excitation types and active self-excitation types. The working principle of the passive separately excited buzzer is: the square wave signal is input and the resonant device is converted into the sound signal output. The working principle of the active self-excited buzzer is: the input of DC power is amplified and sampled by the oscillation system, and the sound signal is generated by the resonance device.

Buzzer Structure

1. Piezoelectric Buzzer

The piezoelectric buzzers are mainly composed of a multivibrator, mini piezoelectric buzzer, impedance matching device, resonance box, and shell.

2. Electromagnetic Buzzer

The electromagnetic buzzers are composed of the oscillator, an electromagnetic coil, magnet, vibrating diaphragm, and shell.

Best Buzzer Manufacturer & Supplier China APT Siemens

Siemens APT is top leading manufacturer and supplier of low-voltage Siemens buzzers in China. We have a series of cheap price Siemens buzzers include AD16-16, AD16-22, AD16-30 that have a long service life, low energy consumption, small volume, lightweight, good reliability, beautiful appearance, and exquisite manufacture, and clear and alert sound. AD16-16 series has square buzzer, circular buzzer, rectangle buzzer, fish light with circular buzzer for sale. AD16-22 series has affordable buzzer circular and fish light with circular buzzer. AD16-30 series has round+square buzzer.

Advantages Of Buying Buzzers In APT Siemens

Electronic buzzer from APT Siemens factory China is suitable for the sound signal of electric power, telecommunication, machine tool, ship, textile, printing, mining machinery, and other equipment. The buzzer in circuit has continuous and intermittent, with light and without light to choose from. Rated insulation voltage to Ac500V, continuous working life: = 30000h. The light-emitting body adopts pure color super bright LED chip with pure color; the parts are made of top-notch materials, which are durable and wear-resistant; the built-in screw type wiring is safer and more convenient.