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What Is Relay

Relay is an electrical control device, which makes the controlled quantity change in the electrical output circuit when the input quantity changes to the specified requirements.

Relay has control system and controlled system, which is usually used in automatic control circuit, and plays an automatic regulation, safety protection, conversion circuit and other functions.

How Does A Relay Work

An electrical device that enables the controlled output circuit to turn on or off when the input (such as voltage, current, temperature, etc.) reaches the specified value. It can be divided into two types: relay with electrical quantity (such as current, voltage, frequency, power, etc.) and relay with non electrical quantity (such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc.). It is widely used in electric power protection, automation, motion, remote control, measurement and communication.

Application Of Relay

Relay has been widely used in computer peripheral interface equipment, constant temperature system, temperature regulation, electric furnace heating control, motor control, numerical control machinery, remote control system, industrial automation device; signal lamp, dimming, flashing device, lighting stage lighting control system; instrumentation, medical equipment, copier, automatic washing machine; automatic fire protection, security system, as well as power grid functions In addition, it is widely used in chemical industry, coal mine, etc.

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Siemens APT is China’s leading manufacturer of low-voltage control components and relay is one of the hot sale popular products. There are 2 series of low-voltage relays for sale containing DY APT Relay and ZY APT Relay, 100 relay products in total. Both have the advantages of fast action, stable performance, reliable quality, complete functions, long service life and small volume. They are widely used in communication, automatic control, mechatronics, power electronics and other equipment.