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What Is Limit Switch?

Limit switch, also known as travel switch, can be installed on relatively static objects (such as fixed frame, door frame, etc., referred to as still life) or moving objects (such as driving, door, etc., referred to as animals). When the animal approaches the still life, the connecting rod of the switch drives the contact of the switch, causing the closed contact to open or the open contact to close. The circuit and motor are controlled by the change of opening and closing state of switch contact.

What Is The Function Of limit Switch?

What role can such simple limit switches play? It mainly plays the role of chain protection. There are many applications of limit switches, and it is found in many electrical appliances. Folding industrial limit switch is mainly used to convert mechanical displacement into an electrical signal, so that the running state of the motor can be changed, so as to control mechanical action or as program control.

Application Of Limit Switches

The limit control switch can be widely used in construction, port, mining, and other industries of lifting, transmission machinery space three coordinate control and limit switch, limit switch by high precision limit switch degree of large transmission ratio reducer and its output shaft synchronous mechanical memory control mechanism, sensor composition because the series mechanical limit switch has a small size, multi-function, high precision, limit adjustable, versatility It is widely used in construction machinery because of its strong strength, convenient maintenance, installation, and adjustment.

Limit Switch Company - Siemens APT

Siemens APT is one of the best limit switch manufacturers and suppliers in China. We insist on providing the top quality limit switch for sale to customers all over the world, based on professional experience, advanced technology, and perfect product line. There are various products in the current market including roller limit switch, wiring limit switch, door limits switch, lever limit switch and more. Siemens APT has hot selling ALS1 APT-Plastics Limit Switch and ALS1-Metal APT Limit Switch at cost-effective prices.

Benefits Of Buying Limit Switches From Us

Siemens APT is leading limit switch distributors. Shop online cheap mechanical limit switches from Siemens APT is because we have metal / plastic standard products, integrated combination structure, fast wiring structure design, easy installation and maintenance, reliable structure. Integrated contact module, high electrical life, reliable contact. The materials meet the requirements of European Union RoHS standard, high protection level design, easy to meet the requirements of outdoor use. Low-voltage consumption devices and simple to install.