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What is Indicator Lamp?

An indicator lamp or indicator light is a warning device used to indicate the potential problems or dangers, it is often used on the electric circuit or mechanical equipment to monitor and alarm the operation status. When there is a potential problem or dangerous reading, the electric indicator lamp will illuminate or change its color. Indicator lights are widely used in the ship, machine tools, switch cabinet, power distribution cabinet, and more. Electric indicator lamps can be made into different sizes, colors, and specifications. Multiple distinguishable colors can reflect on, off, neutral, or any other status that your setup requires. LED technology will also save energy.

Electric Indicator Light Manufacturer in China - APT Indicator Lamp Product Series

Siemens APT manufactures indicator lights in a wide variety of specifications with superior quality at a price that fits your budget. Our AD16-16 and AD16-22 series indicator lamps adopt high brightness solid color LED chip as the light source, which has a long service life, low energy consumption, small size, light weight, high brightness, good reliability, aesthetic appearance, and exquisite manufacturing. The lampshade is made of high-strength polycarbonate, with good impact resistance and compact structure. APT indicator lights are suitable for electric power, telecommunications, machine tools, ships, textile, printing, mining machinery, and other equipment. They can be used as indication signals, warning signals, accident signals, and other indication signals. If you are unsure which series is best suitd for your applications, welcome to contact us through email or call us directly. We have 10 series of indicator lamp products, 16 types, and a total of 100 products. Select the parameters

  • APT Indicator Lamp Series: AD16, AD16-16A, AD16-16B, AD16-16C, AD16-16D, AD16-22B, AD16-22C, AD16-22D, AD16-22E, PL1-D
  • APT Indicator Lamp Types: Circuit Breaker Position Square/Round Indicator, Disconnector Position Round/Square Indicator, Dual Color Spherical/Round/Square Indicator, Flash Round Indicator, Ground Position Round/Square Indicator, Cone-shape Indicator, Spherical/Flat/Square/Round/Rectangle Indicator

Features and Advantages of APT Indicator Lamp

  • Built-in screw connection, more safe and convenient
  • Durable and wear-resistant raw materials
  • Solid color super bright LED chip
  • Integral lampshade with great resistance to impact
  • Multiple colors indicate different working conditions
  • A wide range of shapes and sizes for selection