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What Are Cam Switches?

Cam switches are usually used in low-voltage applications. Switching cams are constructed of abrasion-resistant conductive metal and are mounted on a shaft. The connections are opened or closed by the cams when the shaft rotates. Cam switches will power three-phase 480-volt motor circuits and 120-volt protection circuits at the same time, making them ideal for irrigation systems. A standard pivot irrigation system has 8 to 10 motors and is around one-fourth of a mile long. Each motor is often housed in a tower with a control panel.

Siemens APT Cam Switch Features

Siemens APT Cam Switch Series Products line have a wide range of operation angle, single hole installation mode, many types of installation aperture, external wiring mode, easy to use, small appearance, beautiful and novel, reliable structure, extremely rich functional features, large section capacity of the contact system. A variety of special product models are configured for motor operation occasions. International popular built-in wiring mode is adopted, which is safe and reliable. The head protection grade is IP65. 

Siemens APT Cam Switch Series Products Functions

LW39-10 series is widely used in small installation spaces. LW39-16A series is widely used in the measurement and control of electrical control panels and electromechanical control. LW39-25 series is suitable for larger capacity applications, especially for DC applications. Fully independent development of the latest products, with several design patents. LW39-63 series can be used for large capacity circuit connection, breaking and conversion, single motor start, acceleration, control and stop, electrical control conversion in the large capacity control circuit, and remote control in power distribution equipment.