LW39-10 Series APT Cam Switch

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LW39-10 Series APT Cam Switch

LW39-10 series are widely used in the places with quite small installation space. Single-hole installation method is adopted with installation hole diameter of ψ16mm or ψ22.5mm. The internationally popular built-in wiring method is adopted, which is safe and reliable. The protection class of head is IP65.

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Single-hole installation method is adopted

The appearance is small, aesthetic and novel, with reliable structure

Operating angle 30°, 45°, 90°

Max. number of nodes in contact system is 8

Catalog: LW39-Series-Cam-Switch-Selection-Manual.pdf

Additional information

Rated insulation voltage Ui


Conventional thermal current Ith


Power frequency withstand voltage

2,500V, 1min

AC service life

200,000 times

DC service life

100,000 times

Mechanical service life

300,000 times

AC working current

AC-15:110V/4A 220V/2A 380V/1.2A

DC working current

DC-13:110V/0.25A 220V/0.12A

Protection class of head



not more than 2,000m

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity of air

≤ 90%


the installation category is III


pollution falls in class III

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