LA39-G Series APT Push Button Switch

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LA39-G Series APT Push Button Switch

LA39-G series products cover the shortages of other products, with such major advantages as delicate design, complete specifications, convenient installation, aesthetic appearance, and reliable action.

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Installation hole diameter: φ 16mm;

Six colors – red, yellow, green, blue, white and black;

Round, square and rectangular heads;

Complete types and specifications: reset button, self-locking button, illuminated button, knob, key button, mushroom button, emergency stop button etc.;

Application of welding lugs for wiring;

Contacts and wiring contact lugs are gold plated, with double breakpoints quick-action type structure, which is reliable for contacting; the structure of modular combination consists of operating head and contact module.

Catalog: LA39-Series-Pushbutton-AD16-Series-Indicator-Light-Selection-Manual.pdf

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