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What is Current Transformer?

A current transformer or CT is a type of device that used to reduce or increase the alternating current (AC) in its secondary, which keeps proportional to the current in its primary. The current transformer is designed to maintain an accurate ratio between the currents in its primary and secondary circuits over a defined range. It is usually used to convert the current from a higher value to a lower value for protection and measurement. Current transformers and voltage transformers are both instrument transformers that can scale large values to small, the standardized values are easy to handle for measuring instruments or protective relays. The protection circuits of the secondary need to be isolated from the primary system. Current transformers are extensively used at generating stations, electrical substations, industrial and commercial electric power distribution. A CT is composed of a primary winding, a secondary winding and a core.

Top Current Transformer Manufacturer in China - APT Current Transformer Product Series

Siemens APT is one of the leading current transformer manufacturers in China, a wide selection of current transformers and other low-voltage control components are offered on our product list. We have 3 main types of current transformers, including measuring CT, protection CT, and open type CT. Our main series ALH-0.66 current transformers have novel designs, advanced compensation methods, exquisite technology, safe and reliable performance, small and beautiful appearance, complete types, and are generally used for control, protection, and measurement. You can choose from ALH-0.66I, ALH-0.66II, ALH-0.66III, ALH-0.66M, etc., there is a total of 100 products.

  • Measuring current transformers: ALH-0.66I, ALH-0.66II, ALH-0.66III, ALH-0.66M, ALH-0.66F
  • Protection current transformers: ALH-0.66 II-P, ALH-0.66 III-P
  • Open type current transformers: ALH-0.66 HK, ALH-0.66 NK, ALH-0.66 SK**J, ALH-0.66 SK**L

Features and Advantages of Our Current Transformers

  • Fixed clips to ensure fast and efficient installation
  • Reinforced bolt offers high firmness and safety, double insurance
  • Side plug-in wiring takes smaller space
  • The shell is made of high-strength PC and the internal core is made of quality silicon steel sheet
  • Fully enclosed or open type current transformers, various specifications for the selection
  • High accuracy, not easy to rust