ZY2 Series APT Relay

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ZY2 Series APT Relay

ZY2 series miniature control relays are independently researched and developed products with compact structure, aesthetic appearance and rich varieties. The specifications of coil control voltages are complete with numerous installation methods for selection. They are executive parts for control and isolation in automatic control circuits as automatic switches to control large current and high voltage with low voltage and low current.

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There are a variety of specifications, with indicators, manual test pushbuttons, surge suppression circuit and other functions

Coil control voltage DC6V-220V, AC6V-240V(50/60HZ)

The guide rail type is equipped with numerous adaptive sockets

For LED indicator, DC is green and AC is red

Illumination area is large for easy identification of state

The test pushbutton function is for easy debugging and maintenance

Catalog: ZY-DY-Series-Relay-Selection-Manual.pdf

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