LA39-F Series APT Push Button Switch

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LA39-F Series APT Push Button Switch

LA39-F series pushbuttons have compact structure and small volume. These pushbuttons can be divided into those with round, square and rectangle heads respectively according to the head shape; and can be divided into normal pushbutton, illuminated pushbutton, etc. according to the variety. LA39-F series pushbuttons have aesthetic appearance, clear LED illumination as well as unique and reliable internal structure, which can meet the demand of users on panel miniaturization and intensive control at a higher level.

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Installation hole diameter: φ 12mm;

Six colors – red, yellow, green, blue, white and black;

Round, square and rectangular heads;

Normal pushbutton and illuminated pushbutton are included in terms of the variety

Application of welding lugs for wiring;

Contacts adopt high-quality silver alloy with reliable ON-OFF and long service life.

Catalog: LA39-Series-Pushbutton-AD16-Series-Indicator-Light-Selection-Manual.pdf

Additional information

Rated insulation voltage

AC250V 50Hz

Power frequency withstand voltage

AC1500V 50Hz .5s

Conventional thermal current


Mechanical service life

200,000 times for normal buttons and illuminated buttons
100,000 times for self-locking buttons

Electrical service life

100,000 times for AC-15
50,000 times for DC-13

Ambient temperature


Storage temperature


Action frequency

1,200 times/hour

Product certification


Compliance standards

IEC 60947 / GB 14048.5

Protection class


Altitude of installation place

not more than 2,000m

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