On September 21, 2018, Siemens APT held the 2018 National Distributors Conference in Chengdu.

This meeting was honored to invited Mr. Zhu Tao, General Manager of Siemens China CP. Mr. Zhu gave a high degree of recognition to Siemens APT’s achievements in the past year and also raised higher expectations.


At the meeting, the general manager of Siemens APT brought   the performance review of FY18 and the business outlook of FY19. At the end of the speech, together with Mr. Zhu Tao, APT Business Manager Ms. Zhu Xiuhua and the dealer representatives,   Celebrate   together   for  the 10th anniversary of the APT’s incorporation into Siemens.

Subsequently, Ms. Jiang Lei, Manager of Product Management, shared what actions Siemens APT will make in product improvement and product optimization in the new fiscal year.

Mr. Zhu Chenjie, Branch  Development Manager, profoundly explained the various industrnies and characteristics of APT products. In the following fiscal year, he will cooperate with dealers and various sales departments nationwide to explore more business opportunities in the industry.

The dealer policy of the new fiscal year was released by Mr. Yao Qi, manager of the business development southern region, to the distributors of Siemens APT. This is also the focus of the national distributors of this conference. Under the guidance of the new policy, the new fiscal year Dealers will be more confident to complete their performance and achieve new breakthroughs.

The outstanding sales representatives of the three regions of Siemens APT also contributed their outstanding achievements in the past fiscal year and shared the valuable experience gained in the sales process.

Mr. Wu Kui, the manager of the after-sales service department, shared the support that can be given to the end customers, the national distributors and the sales departments in his work. He is a strong backing of the sales department and contributes his own strength to the performance goals.

The awards ceremony kicked off in a relaxed atmosphere of  at the dinner, Siemens APT sincerely thanked the distributors and their sales representatives for their outstanding performance in the past ten years and FY18.

New start, new journey,

In the future, continue to walk along the road to create success!