On April 13th, 2017, the “Annual Conference for the Automation Industry in China” was grandly held in Beijing by Chinese Association of Automation (CAA) where APT’s Izmir locomotive project was honored with the award “Top Ten Most Influential Engineering Projects of the Year”.

In view of that the high-end smart equipment in China has always been dominated by imported parts and components, the success of APT has enhanced the confidence in the localization of parts and components required by manufacturers of high-end equipment. Specifically, APT has successfully applied its push-button switches, indicator lights, change-over switches, and other parts and components in the control panel of locomotives and vehicles exported to Turkey.

Constantly affirmed by authorities and recognized by the industry, APT has earned its reputation with its achievements – rest assured that the energetic and excellent team at APT is to exceed itself!

At the Conference, also included among the award winners was the factory digitalization project for Kingdom Holdings achieved by Siemens (China) Co., Ltd.