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XX Series APT Enclosure

XX Series APT Enclosure are made of plastics, with such features as good toughness and high strength. They can be used as power box for maintenance in various fixed applications and movable temporary applications.

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1. There is one external dimension and numerous component configuration plans.

2. The miniature breaker operating window configured on the top of the box is provided with transparent protective cover.

3. The box can be installed without opening the cover.

4. There are two guide rails in the box for installing miniature breaker and wiring terminal.

5. The cover can be configured with various industrial sockets, instruments and other components.

Catalog: X-Series-Enclosure-Selection-Manual.pdf

Additional information

Protection class



ABS (general)
PC polycarbonate (custom-made)

Temperature range

-40℃~80℃ (ABS)
-50℃~120℃ (PC)

Flame retardant rating

V0 (ABS)
V2 (PC)

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