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XK Series APT Enclosure

XX Series APT Enclosure are made of plastics, with such features as good toughness and high strength. There are various external dimensions. Holes can be opened according to customers’ requirements for installing different pushbuttons, indicators, instruments, wiring terminals and other electrical components. They are suitable for the power distribution equipment wall-mounted indoors and floor-mounted outdoors.

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1. Two kinds of materials: ABS (general) and PC (custom-made)

2. There are various external dimensions. The customers can select the control boxes with appropriate dimensions according to the components installed.

3. Customized service can be provided to open holes based on the drawing provided by the customer and conduct laser inscription on the box according to the customer’s requirements.

4. Except XK-A, XK-15 and XK-16 series, all others can use a TS35×7.5 guide rail for installing the wiring terminals.

5. The lower mounting plate is optional for the bottom of the box for installing various relays, contactors, fuses and other low-voltage electrical components.

Catalog: X-Series-Enclosure-Selection-Manual.pdf

Additional information

Protection class



ABS (general)
PC polycarbonate (custom-made)

Temperature range

-40℃~80℃ (ABS)
-50℃~120℃ (PC)

Flame retardant rating

V0 (ABS)
V2 (PC)

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