AD16-30JC Series APT Indicator Light

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AD16-30JC Series APT Indicator Light

AD16-30JC combined indicator lights adopt open type convective structure supplemented with circuit design, realizing excellent heat dissipation effect for the whole light. LED chip is adopted to achieve bright and uniform light of the whole light. The combined lights are applicable to the electrical and electronic equipment in the shipping industry, used as indicators of various light indication signal and light execution signal.

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1. The combined lights can provide single-light with 5 types of panes: F, H, L, V and G. The customers can combine them according to own requirements.

Type F: 30×30mm; Type H: 30×60mm; Type L: 30×90mm; Type V: 60×30mm; Type G: 60×60mm;

2. The overall appearance of the combined light is steady and grand with the transparent and uniform light color. The black frames between the single lights are well separated.

3. The enclosures of the combined lights have a large hole area for the heat dissipation window, and they can be thoroughly penetrated both horizontally and vertically after the combination so as to ensure the reliable heat dissipation of the combined light.

4. The combined light can be installed conveniently and easily. The light beads can be removed or changed in the direction of the lamp shade on the installation panel only by disconnecting the power supply.

Catalog: AD16-30JC-Combined-Indicator-Selection-Manual.pdf

Additional information

Power frequency withstand voltage

2,500V, 1min

Insulation resistance


Continuous working life




Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity of air

≤ 95%

Installation altitude


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