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ALH-0.66 III

ALH-0.66 series current transformers have novel design, advanced compensation method, excellent process technology, safe and reliable performance, small and aesthetic appearance, as well as complete varieties. They are normally used for control, protection and measurement.
  • Product Features
  • Technical Parameters

The enclosure is made of high-strength PC material with totally-enclosed structure. It is mainly used where the three-phase bus bar is arranged vertically and it is installed mainly by fixing bus bar.

The capacity of transformer is increased and its precision is greatly improved, so that it can meet the higher requirements for the high impedance load and electric energy measurement.

Internal iron core adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet;

In conformance with GB0840.2-2014;

Pass the National Metrology Accreditation;

Secondary current is divided into 5A and 1A;

Rated working voltage (Un): AC660V

Rated frequency: 50~60Hz

Rated continuous thermal current (Icth): 1.2 x Ipn

Rated short thermal current (Ith): 60x Ipn (1sec.)

Power frequency withstand voltage: 3kV (1min, 50Hz; between the enclosure and secondary terminal)

Insulation class: E

Type of wiring terminal: screw pressing sheet fastening type (thread is M4)

Operating torque: tightening torque 0.8~1.2N.m, max. bearing torque 2.4N.m;

Protection class: IP00 for terminal and IP40 for enclosure;

Altitude of installation place: not more than 3,000m

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