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LA39-F series pushbuttons have compact structure and small volume. These pushbuttons can be divided into those with round, square and rectangle heads respectively according to the head shape; and can be divided into normal pushbutton, illuminated pushbutton, etc. according to the variety. LA39-F series pushbuttons have aesthetic appearance, clear LED illumination as well as unique and reliable internal structure, which can meet the demand of users on panel miniaturization and intensive control at a higher level.
  • Product Features
  • Technical Parameters

Installation hole diameter: φ 12mm;

Six colors – red, yellow, green, blue, white and black;

Round, square and rectangular heads;

Normal pushbutton and illuminated pushbutton are included in terms of the variety

Application of welding lugs for wiring;

Contacts adopt high-quality silver alloy with reliable ON-OFF and long service life.

Rated insulation voltage: AC250V 50Hz

Power frequency withstand voltage: AC1500V 50Hz .5s

Conventional thermal current: 5A

Mechanical service life: 200,000 times for normal buttons and illuminated buttons

100,000 times for self-locking buttons

Electrical service life: 100,000 times for AC-15    50,000 times for DC-13

Ambient temperature: -25℃~55℃

Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃

Action frequency: 1,200 times/hour

Product certification: CCC, CE, RoHS

Compliance standards: IEC 60947 / GB 14048.5

Protection class: IP40

Altitude of installation place: not more than 2,000m

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