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LA39 pushbuttons have novel structure, aesthetic appearance and complete varieties, which can provide the best solutions as well as control elements with high quality, high performance and high reliability for customers of industrial automation, medical devices, electricity, machinery, communication, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.
  • Product Features
  • Technical Parameters

The metal actuation head adopts embedded installation with ultrathin effect. Flush type design makes the product not easy to be collided and provides more beautiful equipment panel. Installation hole diameter: φ 30.5mm;

The customers can select the contact combination types as per their requirements with maximum six pairs of contacts. The leaf spring type actuation mechanism is adopted with the contact self-cleaning function and reliable contact;

Complete specifications, including reset buttons, self-locking buttons, illuminated buttons, mushroom buttons, knobs, key buttons and emergency stop buttons etc.;

Five types of installation methods: installation with the inclined screws to prevent looseness, installation with the straight screws to save the installation space, simple installation with the nuts with/without fastening screws, fast and convenient installation by one hand;

The luminous body of the illuminated pushbutton applies pure super bright LED with the lightness above 100cd/m2;

The mechanical service life of normal buttons is above 3,000,000 times; the continuous illumination life of the illuminated pushbuttons is above 100,000 hours;

Rated insulation voltage: AC660V

Power frequency withstand voltage: AC1890V 50Hz .5s

Conventional thermal current: 10A

Mechanical service life: 3,000,000 times for normal buttons and mushroom buttons

                                           300,000 times for knobs

                                           100,000 times for self-locking buttons

                                           50,000 times for key buttons and emergency stop buttons

Electrical service life: ≥600,000 times

Ambient temperature: -25℃~55℃

Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃

Action frequency: 1,200 times/hour

Product certification: CCC, CE, RoHS

Compliance standards: IEC 60947 / GB 14048.5

Protection class: IP54

Altitude of installation place: not more than 2,000m

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