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AD16-16 series buzzers are characterized by long service life, low energy consumption, small volume, light weight, good reliability, aesthetic shape, delicate workmanship as well as crisp and alerting sound, suitable for the sound signals in the lines of equipment in the field of electricity, telecommunication, machine tools, ships, textile, printing, mining, etc.
  • Product Features
  • Technical Parameters

Hole size: φ16mm;

Indicate different working states with sounds;

The components are made of imported materials, which are solid, durable, wear and tear resisting;

The sound volume is 10cm/75dB

Sounding type: intermittent, continuous

Plug-in type is adopted for wiring;

Head includes: round, square and rectangular heads

Power frequency withstand voltage: AC1890V 50Hz .5s

Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ.

Allowable voltage fluctuation of AC indicator ±20%

Continuous working life: ≥30,000H

Application frequency AC50~60Hz

Ambient temperature: -25℃~+55℃

Comparative tracking index CTI ≥175

Relative air temperature ≤98%

It can work normally at a vibration frequency of 2-80Hz and accelerated speed of 0.7g;

Pollution falls in class III and installation category is class III;

Those with “TH” sign can work under the humid tropic environment.

Protection class: IP20

Altitude of installation place: not more than 2,000m

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