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New trend of power plant development -intelligent power plant

Last updated: March 06,2020   Click: 196   By: Siemens apt


       Facing the rapid development of science and technology, power plants should also face the future, so that the existing power generation methods can better adapt to the future intelligent society and energy revolution and innovation.

  With the deepening of China's economic restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and the vigorous implementation of power system reform, smart power plants have become a new trend of power plant development. Driven by policies such as energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction, smart power plants effectively improve the core competition of power plants by integrating Internet technology, big data resources, promoting smart operation management, smart maintenance security, smart new energy power generation and other measures to promote the sustainable development of the power plant.

  The intellectualization of power plant should and must be based on the automation, digitalization and standardization of operation level. Its research focus is not to solve a single problem of a link or process, but to systematically solve the whole ecological and management problems of power plant facing the future.

  The purpose of building smart power plant is to establish modern energy power system and realize safe, efficient, green and low-carbon power generation. Its characteristics are that the production process can be optimized independently, relevant systems can collect, analyze, judge and plan their own behaviors, and intelligently and dynamically configure the equipment and its parameters online.

  Driven by the national "two modernizations" integration policy and energy conservation and emission reduction policy, the construction of digital power plant, intelligent power generation and intelligent power plant has gradually become the development trend of the power industry.

  At present, many enterprises have realized the development prospect of intelligent power plant and gradually increased the technical investment and achieved good results. Expect the rapid development of intelligent power plant technology in the new era.