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State Grid Corporation strengthens online monitoring of power quality

Last updated: February 25,2020   Click: 66   By: Siemens apt

  In 2016, the State Grid Corporation of China will do a good job in the practical application of the online power quality monitoring system (hereinafter referred to as the power system), and effectively improve the comprehensive application level of the online power quality monitoring.

  According to the plan, each unit should summarize the experience of upgrading and reforming the acquisition device and power supply voltage monitoring device in the past two years, and prepare the follow-up work plan as soon as possible, complete the upgrade and reconstruction of the remaining rural device and rural power supply voltage monitoring device, and realize the rural area collection. The unit is all in place. All units shall conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of the power outage event and the power supply voltage collection function for the urban and rural area acquisition devices and power supply voltage monitoring devices that have been covered. Relevant departments at the headquarters shall work together to increase the intensity of spot checks on the integrated data, and further promote the continuous improvement of the quality of the integrated data of the power system.

  The company requires that all units carry out operation and maintenance work in accordance with "State Power Grid Corporation's Power Quality Online Monitoring System Operation and Maintenance Management Specification (Trial)" and strengthen the construction of the operation and maintenance team. The Ministry of Information and Communication of the State Grid organized research on interface monitoring and data diagnosis technologies for source services, and strengthened the monitoring and alarm functions of system interfaces, hardware resources, and data channels. The State Grid Marketing Department and the Transportation Inspection Department further promoted device operation monitoring, vigorously carried out technical research on condition monitoring and data verification, strengthened effective monitoring of the device, and established a normal analysis mechanism for device effectiveness. The State Grid Security Department of the People's Republic of China, together with relevant departments, improved the abnormal data monitoring and alarm function.

  All units should carry out the combing of the relationship between the power system functions and data status, implement the power system optimization plan, and effectively improve the system's operating performance and efficiency; intelligent statistical analysis with reliability indicators, perfect voltage analysis functions, mobile applications, and 95598 data integration are easy to use Focusing on upgrading work and continuously improving the application functions of electrical energy systems. Relevant departments at the headquarters shall organize the establishment of functional pilots such as automatic generation of power supply outages, reliability assessment of distribution networks, reliability evaluation of transmission and transformation systems, and large-screen promotion of cities and the following units, expand and improve power quality monitoring, and conduct pilots. Unit harmonic monitoring work. Units should combine their own business characteristics to form a business monitoring analysis report with the Transportation Supervision Center to give play to the guiding role of electrical energy indicators in the company's power grid planning, equipment procurement, power grid construction, operation and maintenance, etc .; and set up electrical energy system assessment index systems by specialty. And the monthly index assessment and release will be carried out; the system analysis and application report will be prepared on a monthly basis, and the headquarters will evaluate the application and analysis of the energy system of each unit, organize work summary exchanges on a quarterly basis, form typical experiences, and promote it in the company's system.

  In order to ensure the smooth implementation of various tasks throughout the year, the company puts forward clear requirements for the next steps of each unit. First, it must attach great importance to arrangements in advance, and form a targeted work plan around the main work ideas of the power system this year to guide the year. Work is carried out effectively; the second is to work closely, deepen the application of power systems, continue to strengthen relevant professional coordination mechanisms, focus on promoting device inspection and comprehensive management of data quality, address the main factors that restrict data quality, and strengthen the thematic analysis of power quality; It is necessary to strengthen management and control, strengthen the guiding role of performance appraisal, and actively carry out work quality inspection and analysis; ensure that the company's electric power system practical improvement work presents a new situation with characteristics, bright spots, and effectiveness.

  Source: State Grid Corporation