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Four kinds of new power electronic devices will become the development trend of power electrical industry

Last updated: March 06,2020   Click: 186   By: Siemens apt


      In recent years, the development of power electronic devices in China is very rapid, which has developed from the early small power, half control, low-frequency devices to the current super power, full control, high-frequency devices. At present, the power electronic devices produced in China are still mainly thyristors, and the products of medium and low grade are mature, and there are quite a lot of exports.

  Because power electronic technology uses power electronic devices to realize various transformations and control of electric energy, the power electronic device manufactured by this technology realizes the function of controlling strong current with weak current, which has the advantages of energy saving, material saving and improving the quality of power consumption. Therefore, power electronic technology is regarded as the foundation of new industries and traditional industries, and also a new generation of high-tech. Compared with foreign countries, there is a big gap in the variety and quality of power electronic devices in our country, and the new generation of power electronic devices is still lack of production capacity. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of our national economy, we must strengthen the support for the development and production of new power electronic devices, and push them to the market as soon as possible.

  In the future, the focus of technical work in the power electronics industry is to vigorously carry out research and development of four categories of power electronic devices with promising market prospects and representing the current technical level, break through key technologies and accelerate the pace of technological innovation.

  1. Accelerate the development of high-end high-power thyristors, fast thyristors, bidirectional thyristors, high-frequency thyristors, reverse conducting thyristors and other high-tech products. The key technologies such as high-voltage device design, high-voltage diffusion technology, surface modeling protection technology and full crimping are broken through.

  2. Accelerate the development of IGCT products. We will make great efforts to solve the problems of GCT design, uniform diffusion technology, transparent emitter manufacturing technology, precision lithography trenching technology, surface modeling and protection technology, packaging technology and hard gate trigger design and manufacturing technology.

  3. Accelerate the development of IGBT products with difficult technology and complex process equipment. The large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing technology and high-power power electronic technology are closely combined. At present, the design technology of high-voltage devices, high-voltage field ring technology and IGBT chip packaging and testing technology are to be solved.

  4. Accelerate the development of high-power fast soft recovery diodes. As soon as possible to solve the self built electric field impurity concentration distribution diffusion technology, electric field cut-off base thickness and impurity distribution control technology and other problems.