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Development trend of modern building electrical technology

Last updated: March 06,2020   Click: 64   By: Siemens apt


      With the progress of material life and science and technology, people's needs are promoted. In the modern building, people not only require the building to meet the use function, but also hope to get the corresponding service. In the building, it needs to install a large number of buildings electrical, such as: power transformation and distribution, lighting, elevator, air conditioning, information communication, security, building equipment monitoring and so on. With the progress of human social civilization, the application of electrical equipment in buildings is more and more. The related disciplines are not only numerous, but also gradually derived into a technology with interdisciplinary characteristics, which is closely combined with the application object (buildings) - modern building electrical technology.

  The rapid development of modern building electrical technology is closely related to the development of the construction industry. To a certain extent, building electrical technology itself is a part of the construction industry technology. However, modern building electrical technology also has its own distinct characteristics and connotation. In the application of its technology, not only many other kinds of technology are needed, but also with the acceleration of the pace of the times, its own requirements for technological development are more and more, more and more profound. With the continuous changes of people's demand for buildings in the new era and the requirements of the global environment for human beings, energy conservation and environmental protection has become a major development trend of modern building electrical technology.

  In order to speed up the process of industrialization and the construction of urbanization, the government has actively adjusted the economic structure and changed the mode of economic growth, proposed to encourage the development of energy-saving and Land-saving Housing and public buildings, formulated and implemented stricter standards of land-saving, energy-saving, water-saving and material-saving, and promoted the concept of green building In order to improve the quality and efficiency of urban construction and development.

  Green building is different from the traditional building. Its construction concept transcends the building itself and pursues the optimization of human survival goal. It is a typical case of large system and multi-objective optimization. At the same time, the green building must adopt a large number of intelligent systems to ensure the realization of the construction goals. This process integrates information, control, management, decision-making and other technologies. Intelligence and informatization are indispensable components. Because green building is just starting in our country, there are a lot of issues related to modern building electrical technology to be explored and solved.

  In the green building, more problems need to be considered when selecting electrical equipment and materials, such as the use of low loss ferromagnetic materials to manufacture motors and transformers, the use of low smoke insulation materials, efficient energy-saving light sources, etc. The design of electrical engineering is more complex, not only to meet the distribution and control of the total information flow and energy flow of buildings, but also to use intelligent and digital technology to achieve various energy-saving control and optimization management, thus providing technical guarantee for the comprehensive affairs management of the whole region. Obviously, intelligent, digital and green environmental protection have become the development trend of modern building electrical technology.

  The application of new technology has a long-term significance for the development of building electrical engineering. With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, new electrical technology is more inclined to the diversified development of security, intelligence, environmental protection and energy saving. The continuous application of leading technology makes many design concepts and construction methods more convenient, intelligent and modern.