On June 13rd -14th 2016, APT distributor forum was successfully held in Nanchang Grand New Century Kaimei Hotel.

SEAL new General Manager Mr. Grosch, SLC DF CP General Manager Mr. Zhu Tao, SEAL Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhou Chenqiang, and nation-wide distributors were invited to attend, they gathered together  to discuss industry trends and share business experience.

The voice of APT: SEAL General Manager Mr. Grosch affirmed the achievements through keeping the continuous attention on APT since he assumed office.

DF CP General Manager Mr. Zhu Tao: talked about how to develop from three aspects, management, increasing returns and win-win cooperation.

SEAL Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhou Chenqiang: “come in, go out”, stand on a high place, and you can see much farther ahead.

APT Sales & Marketing Director Mr. Gao Fengqin: Master Plan 2020. Considering the current situation of market economy, he looked far ahead into the APT next plan according to the business trend in this fiscal year.APT Commercial Manager Ms. Zhu Xiuhua: reviewed current commercial work, and forecasted the development trend of APT.

Market activity / project business/ distributor survey result

APT Marketing & Distributor Business Management Manager Mr. Yang Cheng: Illustrated “innovation” and “win-win” with market activities (from the aspect of resources integration and new technology innovation), four drives (as the foundation of project business), and distributor management (from the platform and the value level) .

Eastern, Northern and Southern regional business information sharing

Focusing on Master Plan 2020, three regional managers, Eastern Region Manager Mr. Yao Qi from the perspective of rapid developed industry, Northern Region Manager Mr. Zeng Yong bowen from the regional coverage of view, Southern Region Manager Mr. Wang Kecheng from the aspect of incentive policy, all perfectly illustrated  how to expand the regional business.

Policy release and interpretation

With the business development and changing market situation, in order to build a more perfect distributor system, APT released a new policy.

Policy release

Prize presentation— distributor sales business knowledge test

It can encourage distributor sales to improve the understanding of the product and  enhance their professional technical level through online test.

Industry information sharing

Mr. Wei Ruifeng from APT Product Management Department described the opportunities and advantages of APT through the analysis of new industry.

The representative of distributors Mr. Xiang Xuefeng shared the experience in ship industry promotion concerning heartfelt, patient, careful, unremitting sales spirit.

MCP business information sharing

MCP Manager Ms. Li Dan talked about MCP business situation from the perspective of new product’s significance and strategic plan.

Customer Service information sharing

In order to build a fast and efficient customer service system, Quality Control Department colleagues from SEAL Tiantai Branch talked about current service system.


APT Sales & Marketing Director Mr. Gao Fengqin talked about current and future situation of APT from three aspects, competitiveness, commitment and loyalty. He hoped manufacturers and distributors rely on each other, continue to work hard in accordance with the established direction, and enjoy success.

This forum has received a lot of praise from the participants. From the forum preparation, arrangement to the content of topics, these are all reflecting the intentions and innovation of APT. Next time, we will look forward to seeing each other again in Harbin!