Looking back eight years ago – Group photo in 2009 (at Bayshore Hotel in Dalian);Eight years later – Group photo in 2016 (at Bayshore Hotel in Dalian)

In 2016, Siemens’ APT Annual National Dealers’ Conference was successfully held in Dalian where 100 plus dealers from across the country participated in the Conference which was themed on “Inheritance and Breakthrough”.

The APT annual conference was firstly kicked off in 2009, constituting a tradition ever since all the way to 2016.

According to Mr. Gao Fengqin, the Marketing Director of APT, the opening performance “Shahua” cannot interpret better about the true story of our dealers’ “business” journey, unveiling the theme in the morning session – “eight years of dedicated devotion”.

For those employees of dealers who have worked with us in the past eight years, their eight years of devotion has marked their loyalty to the company.

When the younger generation is receiving the baton passed down to them over time, they have also continued the inheritance from the early pioneers.

The new milestone of APT has been jointly kicked off by Zhu Tao, the General Manager of CP;  Gao Fengqin, the Marketing Director of APT SH; Yuan Fei, the manager of APT TT; Pan Tao, the Chairman of the Win-Win Club, as well as Zhou Jiajun, a second generation as a dealer’s successor.


The “Physical Strength Contest” designed for the Product Managers of dealers was meant to enhance the product knowledge and hands-on ability of different Product Managers’ teams. Comprising buttons and alarming lights, the preemptive system constituted the most effective assistant to the contestants. The hands-on assembly was also a highlight during the contest – intense and exciting. Striving to do better in the contest has indeed manifested the spirt of breaking through.


The next session – “business review and outlook” – centered on the idea of “breakthrough” where Gao Fengqin, the Marketing Director of APT, gave a review on the business and opportunities in the fiscal year; Yang Cheng, the manager of Marketing and Dealer Management Department, interpreted the dealer policy and management; three regional managers shared the business experience and opportunities in their respective regions; Fan Qingzhu, the Manager of Rooftop Quality Section, and Zhao Ya, the manager of Logistics Section, both explained the working modes of their respective sections.

Each independent department has together formed a comprehensive business team with close collaboration.

The theme “breakthrough” was not only reflected in the speech of the management, but also in details in all aspects of the Conference, such as the photo wall crowded by many people, the cool LED background, and the chic badges.

Holding the Conference at the same place as held eight years ago was not only for nostalgia but also for us not to forget where we were coming from in order to fly at a new height.  Next year, we will meet at the conference in Ningbo.